Great Hints For A Social Networking Dissertation

Develop the Right Topic

You are advised not to find a topic but creating one. The topic should be manageable, original, researchable, novel and catching both to the advisory team and to you. It should not be too ambiguous. As you develop a topic, avoid swimmings in unfamiliar water.

Do Thorough Research

If your research is on a specific thing, let’s assume the role of social medial in product promotion, and then research should be narrowed down to the topic. You should not do research outside the topic. The study is required to be deep and should not be broad. The research should be based on the issue affecting the topic under study. Use qualitative methods to conduct your research, for example experiments, surveys or interviews. You should not be afraid that your view was different from research findings. This indicates that you were able to establish new ideas of the research problem. Most students had the same perception, but after the study the real situation about the problem is revealed.

Create Your Own Voice

It may not be realistic to use qualitative method to explore the role of social media on product promotion since many scholars may have not researched the topic. Therefore, it is of great importance to give your views about the topic. Since this is your PHD dissertation, you should give significant contribution for other scholars to refer at it.

Develop a Catch Topic

The title for the paper contributes much in creation of the first impression to the reader hence giving you a chance to stand out at the start of your research work. Confuse the reader with phrases, word or popular slogans, which are related to social network and this, will make your title to be catchy.

Use the Relevant Site

Not all sites are relevant for your research. When researching on a topic make sure you look for sites with the relevant information. This will prevent you from researching broadly instead going for the specific point required for the study. Try to compare between the sites and then chose one with the relevant data. As you get the information, it is also advisable to check on the reliability of the information in terms of the current factors and accuracy.

The Format of the Paper

Different universities have different research writing formats. As you do your dissertations it is important understand the campus format and follow it.

Do Not Plagiarize

One of the worse academic crimes is to copy and paste other peoples work without acknowledging it is not yours. When you get work from other sites, you are required to read it thoroughly and then you write it in your own words. This demonstrates that you are able to think critically. When you take someone else’s work remember to reference it.

Consult With Others

When doing any homework, be it a term paper or a thesis, it advisable to consult from the people who have passed that stage before you. Make use of your supervisor. He is more equipped with the school research project standard. Every time you are stuck, you should never shy off getting help. This will help you develop a great dissertation.