Crafting A Social Media Marketing Dissertation Successfully

Why Choose Social Media?

Social media seems to be a topical issue wherever you go. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram or the countless others that seem to emerge day by day, the millions of followers that use social media have gained the attention of marketers all around the globe.

Social media is seen as an effective marketing strategy for the following reasons:

  • a) Information can be disseminated quickly, instantly, reaching millions of people at the same time.
  • b) Social media help to break down borders and boundaries and reach people across the globe which give the business entity the opportunity to expand offshore.
  • c) Social media is a multimedia platform and is generally pleasing for individuals to use because of this nature.
  • d) Customers can interact directly with business owners which make them feel more special and that service is more personalized.

Upon acknowledging the reasons that social media has become a trend to use as a marketing tool, we therefore can understand how desirable it is to craft more dissertations on this topic. Whether you have chosen this topic because it is fun, current, interesting, has a lot more left to explore or because you think it is easy, one thing is true and it is that you should have no difficulty in gathering information to complete your paper. To make the crafting of your social media dissertation more interesting, I have outlined a few do’s and don’ts to contemplate.

What Not To Do

Don’t take it for granted that because you use social media and everybody is talking about social media this will be an easy task. There is a lot of research that will be involved to get this paper done right. Your dissertation is meant to be evidence based and not opinion based so ensure that your arguments are supported.

Do not get carried away writing about nonsensical ideas and padding to make your paper the accepted length. You may think you can get away with this because you have a lot to say about social media. If you are to write 200 pages, your examiners expect you to write 200 pages of quality work.

What To Do

  1. Narrow your focus to an interesting, researchable topic that is unique and not the same old content on social media. Remember that your task is to present new ideas and findings based on your individual research. If you lack ideas, try to reach a reliable writing service.
  2. Conduct relevant research to the topic at hand. Since your topic is social media, demonstrate your own experience with this by using the various tools that are at your disposal on social media sites to conduct surveys etc that will support your arguments.
  3. As with every dissertation, you must format your paper to the acceptable format. If you are unaware of how, there are many services on the Internet or even past researches that you can go through to get an idea of the format.
  4. If you can afford to, make use of professional editing services to go through your work and ensure that the finished product is polished before you submit your work

Writing a dissertation on social marketing may seem to be a fun topic that you want to research but keep in focus that this is a professional paper. Many persons may choose this area to write about as well, so try to be as unique as possible.