Completing A Proper Mass Communication Dissertation

Mass communication is a broad category that generally relates to how mass media can be used to deliver information between people and entities on a very large scale. If you’ve decided to write a dissertation on mass communication but you’re struggling to pull everything together, there are several resources available to you.

5 Helpful Tips for Completing a Mass Communication Dissertation

  • Establishing a Topic
  • Find an interesting topic that you can gather data about. Make a list of questions you have about mass communication. Are you curious about how mass communication has changed over the years? Are you wondering how mass communication ties in with people’s emotions? The four main subcategories of mass communication include journalism, advertising, public relations, and politics. Each of these subcategories have a wide range of content that you can discuss and argue.

  • Ask Your Friends
  • If you’re still not sure what type of mass communication topic you’d like to focus on, talk to your friends and family. What is their primary mode of accessing large-scale information? Do they rely on the newspaper, or their social media news feeds? What kind of topics do they really care about? Think about how you and your friends hear about a big news-worthy event, such as a mass tsunami or shootings. Take some time to brainstorm how mass communication plays a role in your social network and local community.

  • Assessing Physical and Digital Sources
  • Both of these can be good sources of data. Consider the use of physical items such as books, magazines, and newspapers as mediums of mass communication. Are these items truly as effective as they were historically? Now think about mass communication through radio, television, movies, and the internet. Digital sources can be received with the touch of a fingertip, delivering instant results without very much wait time.

  • Understand Credibility
  • It’s important to consider the reliability of a news source. Do you feel that published sources might have more credibility than online social media? Credibility is vitally important because it means the general public receives information that is accurate and up-to-date. While writing your dissertation, you might make some comments about the importance of credibility in mass communication.

  • Keep an Open Mind
  • You may be forced to consider different perspectives and critically analyze different aspects of mass communication that you hadn’t thought of before. Have an open mind and look at your argument from all angles. Mass communication can be an emotional topic due to its ability to stretch across social and political boundaries. Do literature research and create a supportive thesis that can provide beneficial and accurate research.

Completing a successful and organized dissertation on mass communication can be a challenging process. Be especially mindful of your deadlines and make sure you give yourself plenty of time to gather your data.