Dissertation and Theses from Start to Finish – a Great Writing Manual

Composing a dissertation isn’t a simple assignment. To complete it successfully, you should know what parts it should consist of. If you don’t approach the task of structuring your paper properly, you might write a weak text that won’t persuade anyone in the significance of your research.

Chapters and Sections to Include in a Dissertation

  • An abstract.
  • This is a comparatively little section that summarizes the entire text of your thesis. Although it’s the first thing your readers will see, it should be composed at the very end of your writing process.

  • An opening.
  • The first part of the main body of your text should introduce your topic, explain the need to research it, and provide general information about the following chapters.

  • A literature survey.
  • This chapter should inform your readers about the main theoretical works and past studies that you’ve consulted to conduct your own research.

  • A methodology description.
  • Here, you should provide the audience with thorough descriptions of your study methods and explain the reason to choose this particular approach.

  • A discussion of outcomes.
  • In this part, you should show the reader the results of your study and explain the practical meaning of your findings.

  • A conclusion.
  • The last main body chapter should sum up the information provided in previous chapters and offer other scholars several directions to continue the investigation you’ve begun.

  • A bibliography.
  • Right after the last body chapter, you should make a section that lists all sources that have been used in your work and referenced in your paper.

  • Appendices.
  • At the end of your document, you should have a section where all big graphs, pictures, and tables are placed and numbered.

Getting Assistance with Composing Your Dissertation

If you have problems at any stage of writing your thesis, you should go to your professor for advice. They can provide you with tips on how to outline your paper in general and compose particular chapters and subchapters. It’s recommended to visit them regularly so that you can make the necessary amendments in your text gradually.

In order not to be dependent on your professor very much, you may take thesis writing courses in a local academic center before receiving your writing assignment. After their lessons, you’ll have a much better understanding of how to do my assignment, outline and compose the paper.