Criminology dissertation ideas

Talking about criminology, there are very many topics that one can get from the course of criminology and can be very interesting when researching them. But we will pick a few topics below that we can use, and they are listed below.

  1. The right of prisoners to vote: arguments against and for.

One can do research, which entails the details that prisoners have a right to vote. One can try to find out how the topic of prisoners’ right to vote was handled in the previous years. Try to examine the attitude towards the rights of prisoners to vote in these present times. Search for the details that argue for and against this topic. Find out the aspects that are legal and ethical in this situation.

  1. Study of victimology and domestic violence. 

Try to investigate the different situations and incidences of domestic violence and examine which types of personalities are easily prone to domestic abuse victims. Also, you can get help from a professional dissertation help service. You will have to pay them to write my dissertation for me, so they will conduct research that is qualitative in your criminology dissertation and back findings with the evidence that the therapists in the field provided.

  1. Arsonists in the schools: rates and causes.

Of late, these cases of arsonists in schools have become so rampant. So in this research topic, one will be required to find out why these cases have become rampant in schools. What are the reasons (whether evident or hidden) that it is mostly juveniles associated with these crimes? Why do these crimes happen more often, and what can be done to curb these crimes.

  1. The phenomena of serial killers. Predisposing factors.

Carry out research that focuses on a child’s life may result in the insane character’s evolution. Focus your attention on the family’s relations, surrounding environment, and the roles that the peers play in that child’s life.

  1. Cybercrimes: ways and approaches to detect.

What are the ways police officers can use to determine or detect and solve various crimes committed on the internet?

  1. How efficient are the policemen of the community when solving crimes?

One can do this topic so that he can pick any town or city and investigate the situation of crime in that town. And also, to add what one can research on is how the service of policing be made very effective.

  1. How domestic violence affects the mental health of a woman

One can look at the disorders (physiological disorders) that may result from domestic violence. Make a comparison between the rate of violence between any African country and the United Kingdom or the US and the UK.

  1. Suicides and internet.

How does the modern use of the internet result in a lot of suicide cases? And what is the rate by which the internet affects people such that it leads to suicide? Create a model that explains these scenarios very well and easily.


The course criminology is expanding very fast, so there are still many exciting topics that one can choose from when doing their research, but these are just the top 8 that have been selected from that we see commonly in everyday life. You can use them to infer and come up with more topics that could be useful for your dissertation.